Civic Design class details

We are excited to announce that we will be teaching Civic Design for the first time at Stanford University.

Civic Design at Stanford dschool

What is the course about? The Civic Design course description:

How can we use participatory design strategies and interventions to address

civic challenges at scale and support resilient cities and communities?

Planners, policymakers, courts, and designers are exhorted to “involve the public” in decision-making, but how can this aspiration be made a reality? We will explore methods and case studies of how participatory design can be used to support better communities. 

Our design work will focus on housing and urban governance. How can we garner more community input to shape the civic processes driving stable housing, legal protections, climate resilience, and equitable access to public services? How can we facilitate productive dialogue and pair strategy with meaningful interventions? How can we create culture-shifts in how people interact with government agencies and policymakers?

Students will work on a civic design project with a real-world stakeholder, to explore how to apply these methods and case studies. We explore how to go beyond “performative” outreach to move toward genuine community involvement that enhances democracy, justice, and the public interest.

Our teaching team is:

Nóra Al Haider, Policy & Design Lead, Legal Design Lab

Margaret Hagan Director, Legal Design Lab

Kevin Hsu Lecturer,

Kursat Ozenc Lecturer,

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